LimbLogic Service Kit / Willow Wood

The LimbLogic Service Kit equips clinicians to replace check valves within LimbLogic units. Check valves may become clogged due to a build-up of salt crystals, typically caused by patient sweat. Clinicians may simply use the kit’s tool and replacement components to quickly address clogs right in their own office and reduce patient downtime.

Product qualities

  • Replace check valves in your own clinic.
  • Small kit components are safely stored in a durable canvas pouch.
  • Replenish kits by ordering individual components.

100% Original

LimbLogic Service Kit contents:

  • Extraction Tool.
  • Check Valves (4).
  • Spacer Rings (2).
  • Stainless Steel Screen Filters (4).
  • Exhaust Tube (2).
  • Exhaust Port Elbow/Tube Fitting (2).
  • Acrylic Disc.
  • Proximal Gasket.
Product No. Description
LLV-SK LimbLogic Service Kit

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